Nijsha Enterprise is an excellent resource for all your custom cables and electronic needs. From your computer to the automobile you drive, to the ATM, cell phone, satellites, and telecommunication equipment; even the manufacturing equipment and machinery used in your plant, everything operates by electronics in one way or another. Nijsha Enterprise can assist you in acquiring the materials you need in a timely manner. Be assured of meeting your project budget with quality and confidence. Give us the opportunity to show you that honesty and integrity does not have to come at a high price.


Our primary focus has been the support of Homeland Security, Military,Transportation, Commercial, Medical, and Government Agencies on local, state, and national levels. We also support a vast number of industries such as: Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Education, Energy, Utilities, Environmental, Information Technology, Security, and many more.


● Custom Cables and Harness Assemblies ● Power Supplies
Wire Harness ● Assembly Box Builds
Power Cables ● Build to Print Items
Coaxial Cables Electronic Components
RF Cables
Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Power Distribution Boxes

Nijsha Enterprise looks forward to working with you. We accept all major credit and debit cards.