VASP, Value Added Services Program, is a 5 year old program in which a selected few of Nijsha Enterprise distributors/component manufacturers are invited to team with us utilizing our manufacturing capabilities to offer value added assembly services to their customers. The goal is for you to turn the material you sell into finished assemblies yielding a greater bottom line while providing additional manufacturing for Nijsha Enterprise.

The program is a relationship in which you locate the customer’s requirement while using Nijsha Enterprise to perform the manufacturing. This is different than representation because your customer does not need to know we are involved. In addition, your customer information stays proprietary to you. Correspondences, documentation and drawings are translated through you as well. All jobs are priced to you on a job-to-job basis with no additional fees or commissions allowing you to profit on the final sale to your customer.

Its the perfect way for you to expand on the services your company offers while you focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best. Contact our Sales Department for more information on how we can help you increase your sales margins.

1. Nijsha Enterprise does not offer VASP to all suppliers. Only ones that we work closely with that we know have a quality operation.

2. You locate your customer’s requirements for the commodities you supply, offering build to print assembly service of that material.

3. From that customer you request a complete set of drawings with a bill of material or parts list including manufacturer’s part numbers.

4. With the option of keeping your customer’s name proprietary, you forward all documentation to Nijsha Enterprise. Include quantity, manufacturing, testing, delivery, packaging and any other SOW requirements.

5. We work with you in quoting the most cost effective way of acquiring the material needed to build the job. If an item your company sells is needed to make the assembly then it is most cost effective and profitable for your company to consign that part to Nijsha Enterprise.

6. Nijsha Enterprise will provide a competitive detailed quote to you allowing you to quote your customer including your additional mark-up.

7. If the customer proceeds with the order, your company places an order with Nijsha Enterprise for the job.

8. Upon completion, Nijsha Enterprise ships the finished product to you for your company to repackage.

Registration# US2817